Artist Submission Guidelines
The Elements of Bright Sun Program is closely connected with the foundation mission and color energy concept.

TEOBS is intended to place artworks in various medical and non-medical facilities and heal through art and balancing energies with color.

TEOBS calls for artists throughout the world who consider their art optimistically colorful and energizing to participate in the program.  The foundation crew will select the artworks that most satisfy and reflect TEOBS’ mission and view. The selected images will be placed on the TEOBS’ website. Giclees will be donated to the hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other facilities where people experience lack of positive emotions.



TEOBS is open to artists throughout the world. We do not limit artist about the subject of their works, however, the artwork should contain vibrant bright colors, balance, and tranquility, stir positive emotions, be energetic and promote healing. 

TEOBS will accept only digital images for consideration. The foundation will retain the submitted images of accepted artwork and reserves the right to use the images in publications and TEOBS publicity.
- A resume (please list education, exhibition record, collections, etc.

Digital images can be submitted by E-MAIL:
Hi-Res, print quality images will be requested for accepted works upon conclusion of the jury process.
To Send Via Email

 The email should include the artist’s full name as subject along with the submission form. The images must meet the following specifications. File names = artist’s last name followed by the entry number as noted on the entry form (i.e. Jones1.jpg). The image files should be in HIGH QUALITY JPEG format or better, images should be no smaller than 1000 pixels in any direction and 72 dpi. Images must be oriented properly (i.e. top of the image is top of the artwork). Please follow these specifications carefully.

Good luck!

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